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Wildlife Media was established as a 501 (c)(3) organization in 2007 to produce the feature length documentary BEARTREK. The film and campaign highlighted the journey of bear expert Chris Morgan as he travelled to Alaska, Peru, Canada, and Borneo to document four bear species and the biologists racing to save them.

It’s in the spirit of BEARTREK that the new Wildlife Media has been born.  We are all about collaboration, openness and doing the right thing for people and planet. 

Chris Morgan

binoculars and bike italy.tiff

Chris is an ecologist and award-winning conservationist, educator, TV host, film producer and podcaster. His shows have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  He is on a mission to inspire people everywhere about wildlife so we can all play a part in a fresh new wildlife conservation movement for people and planet.

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Philip Hamilton


Philip is a photographer, author and filmmaker, but above all, he is a passionate ocean conservationist. He started exploring the ocean almost 30 years ago, and little by little was drawn further into the deep and the beauty which lies beneath. In 2014 he decided to dedicate his life to sharing his passion. 

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