Philip is a French-British citizen born in Chile. He has 30 years of diving experience around the world and 15 years ago he started underwater photography and filmmaking professionally. He has documented most marine animals on the planet, from the Blue whale, the great white shark and saltwater crocodiles, to the smallest critters.

Before turning to photography, filmmaking and ocean conservation, Philip ran multiple businesses around the world for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, DRKW and other global institutions.

In 2018 he published Call of the Blue, a large coffee table photography book with outstanding marine scientific and conservation contributions. By late 2020, Philip completed the award-winning cetacean documentary Ocean Souls.


 At present, he is directing and producing a film highlighting the issue of fatal ship strikes on whales and also how an increase in shipping traffic is threatening our oceans, its inhabitants and the planet.  Future productions focus on the critically endangered marine species of the Red Sea and the men and women trying to prevent their collapse as well as a production focusing on, Leatherback turtles, whale migrations, a "Hope Spot" and sharks. 

Philip is a firm believer in spreading awareness about the critical danger faced by many of the ocean’s creatures. His conservation work has one goal – to empower and inspire people to make a difference where it matters. He believes that only by possessing the correct knowledge can people understand, care and most importantly protect.