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We are currently working on several projects, always keeping our main objective of connecting people to nature in mind. 

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THE WILD with Chris Morgan explores how nature survives and thrives alongside (and often despite) humans. Taking listeners across the Pacific Northwest and around the world, host Chris Morgan explores wildlife and the complex web of ecosystems they inhabit. He also tells the stories of people working in and protecting the wild around us.


We are proud to present PATH OF THE BEAR, a short, non-profit documentary focusing on one of the world’s rarest bear populations found in the heart of Italy.

In a world from the ancient past, wild brown bears have coexisted with humans for 6000 years in the rugged mountains of Italy just two hours from Rome. Living a secret life between villages and wilderness, their future lies at an intersection in an increasingly busy world. 


In this short film, bear expert Chris Morgan, travels to this magical place to meet those dedicated to the future of the Marsican brown bear, to discover how, against the odds, they still survive here. 


A Wildlife Media/BEARTREK non-profit production to help support bear conservation everywhere.

Ocean Souls Films

Ocean Souls Films Ltd is a production company based in London, UK. We are dedicated to producing inspiring non-profit documentaries, all aimed at raising awareness about ocean conservation including endangered marine species and ecosystems.

Director Philip Hamilton's debut film 'Ocean Souls' was released in 2020 and shows the largest diversity of cetaceans ever displayed on screen. This emotive documentary discovers an intelligence beneath the waves that closely mirrors our own.

Other films available to watch now include The Blue Forest - a documentary focusing on the importance of kelp and seaweed. The film explores their vulnerability and how we can preserve one of the world’s most productive habitats.


COLLISION A powerful feature documentary which highlights the severely under-reported issue of fatal ship strikes on whales, a threat which is endangering their very existence. The film suggests solutions to encourage and convince governments and global shipping companies to make vital changes.

RED - A Sea Worth Protecting, combines stunning imagery with compelling human stories. It focuses on the IUCN Red list and highlights the efforts of scientists and conservationists in the Red Sea working so hard to save a variety of endangered species including the Dugong, turtles and sharks. 

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