From documentaries to inspiring podcasts, we are always creating something to make a difference. THE WILD Fund and The Ocean Fund project two lines of biodiversity but always share the mission of telling inspiring stories which connect people to nature. 

The OCEAN Fund

The OceanFund at Wildlife Media promotes conservation through storytelling and film making. In addition it supports individuals, scientists, explorers and small NGO's focusing on marine species and diverse ecosystems. Donations currently not only support the production of various films including Red Sea, An Oceanic and Thresher sharks film and a Leatherback Turtle project, but also will support individual scientists and NGO's projects.


The WILD Fund at Wildlife Media, promotes conservation through storytelling and the support of individuals focused on wild lands and wildlife. Donations currently support the production of ‘THE WILD with Chris Morgan’, a podcast that connects people with nature through exquisite storytelling. Produced by KUOW-NPR and Chris Morgan and sponsored by Wildlife Media.