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A non-profit organization that is dedicated to telling inspiring and impactful stories about wildlife and conservation.

We support on-the-ground efforts of those who are making a real difference, as well as supporting emerging and established individuals in the field, including scientists, filmmakers, and conservationists.

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Our philosophy is simple:

The natural world is not just a magical place,  it’s our life-support system.


The path to protecting it, begins with a well told story. Stories lead to understanding and with understanding comes appreciation and the desire to want to help, protect and love.


Wildlife Media is a small organization with a big reach. It’s principal people are award winning conservationists and storytellers, Chris Morgan and Philip Hamilton. Between them, they focus upon the oceans and the land and the incredible wildlife that urgently need our attention.


Through their films, podcasts and campaigns, they bring to life our amazing planet with urgency, emotion and heart. They invite others to join them, because the clock is ticking for people and planet.

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