"I am impressed with the work already accomplished, and especially pleased that Wildlife Media, perhaps alone, is giving back to the scientists who are on the forefront of protecting the bears featured in the film.... This I find so important -- going beyond awareness to concrete action to protect some of our most wonderful co-species on this planet."

Caroline Gabel - Chestertown, MD
President and CEO - The Shared Earth Foundation

"My support of Chris Morgan and Wildlife Media is based on my association with Chris and his passion for worldwide bear preservation driven by the need to educate and make people aware of their plight. Wildlife Media's approach is very professional, based on facts and in my opinion, offers our best chance of educating people to help preserve the worlds bear species."

(Pictured: Joan Rog, daughters Jocelyn & Jacqueline and granddaughter Tate.)

Joan Rog - Medina, OH

"We have the highest admiration for the BEARTREK team; their ambition, diligence and attention to donor feedback are superb. We are happy to be associated with them and the iconic polar bear!"

(Pictured: Neville and Pamela Isdell, Cara Isdell Lee, Rory Lee, and Zak Lee)

The Isdell Family Foundation - Atlanta, Georgia

"I've supported Wildlife Media and BEARTREK from the start. To me, their approach is bold, optimistic, and fresh, and the people involved are in it for all the right reasons. This small team of passionate conservationists is bringing attention to the plight of wild places all over the world in a vivid, imaginative way that's going to have a tremendous impact."

In 2008, Wildlife Media's Chris Morgan escorted Bob (right in photo) to our Alaskan BEARTREK site to witness and photograph giant brown bears first-hand.

Bob Yellowlees - Atlanta, Georgia

"Wildlife Media has been like our funding parents, helping us along the way. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!"

Robyn Appleton - Lambayeque, Peru
Founder/Director - Spectacled Bear Conservation Society - Peru

The Wildlife Media team was different [than] any other film crew I've ever been involved with. I was completely impressed by their professionalism, dedication, hard work under tough field conditions, and their ethical approach to filming wildlife and local people."

"I really felt part of a great team when we were filming my project for BEARTREK in Borneo. I'm proud to be involved because I think BEARTREK and its conservation funding campaign is going to be hugely important for bears."

Siew Te Wong - Sabah, Malaysia (Borneo)
Malaysian wildlife biologist and sun bear expert,
Founder/CEO - Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre