Our Mission

Wildlife Media's mission is to create a healthy planet for wildlife and people by promoting conservation through inspirational media, creative education, and innovative funding campaigns.

We envision a world where true value is placed upon wildlife and wild areas - a world where imaginative, cutting edge conservation projects consistently motivate and involve the public and result in measurable benefits for both people and wildlife. Using film and media technology, we invite audiences to explore with us, and then invite them to action.

Our work is based on our belief that good films do more than evoke wonder and emotion. They can inspire change. We partner with conservation and research organizations to profile compelling, big-picture stories from the natural world through powerful films and striking visual media. By focusing on eye-catching charismatic megafauna and fascinating ecosystems, we draw audiences to the world of wildlife conservation, generating both funding and exposure for important and effective local conservation projects.

Chris Morgan

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BEARTREK Producer and Featured Conservationist. Wildlife Media Executive Director, Co-Founder, and Board Member

Joe Pontecorvo

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BEARTREK Producer and Director of Photography. Wildlife Media Co-Founder and Board Member

John Taylor

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Wildlife Media Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Anne Mize

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Wildlife Media Board Member and Senior Advisor


Darcy Riggins-Schmidt

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Wildlife Media Manager of Operations & Associate Producer

Greg Kornelis

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Research Associate

Jessica Dally

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Wildlife Media Social Media Director

Nick Hartrich

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Wildlife Media Marketing and Events Advisor