Chris Weston

A million thanks to Chris Weston. He has been a friend of Wildlife Media since the beginning, and without question or hesitation provides any and all of his photographs whenever we ask. Chris is an accomplished professional wildlife photographer, author, and instructor who has travelled the globe to document wildlife - especially endangered species. He is the founder of Animals on the Edge, a non-profit conservation organization that supports the needs of wildlife. Thank you Chris!

Tim Chandonnet

Tim Chandonnet is a Bellingham Washington based landscape, nature and action sports documentary photographer. For nearly a decade Tim has been working with conservation groups in the Pacific Northwest supplying images and photographic services... including capturing Wildlife Media's 2009 Big Picture Theatre event in Seattle. Thanks Tim! Tim is available worldwide and hopes to help you meet your conservation and photographic goals:

Brenda Phillips

Brenda Phillips has contributed not only an incredible amount of her time to help Wildlife Media, but also her exceptional photography skills. Her stills help us to tell our story, and her film footage is incorporated into our shows. Thank you for all you do as an amazing ambassador for our work Bren!

Matthew Felton

Matthew Felton has supported Wildlife Media in many ways, and we are grateful for each one. We have especially enjoyed the use of his incredible photos on our website and printed materials. Photography, however, is just one of his many talents. He is also a composer, pianist, and music and video producer, among other things.

Cede Prudente

Jim Lewis

Joanna Patterson