Paul Lister

Strategy Advisor

Paul Lister gained his deep passion for nature and conservation as a result of a childhood visiting wild and obscure places. After 20 years in the furniture business he founded The European Nature Trust (TENT) and created the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands. Alladale has recently been described by Conde Nast as "a brave experiment in 'rewilding', turning back the clock to a time before the trees were cut down and the land was overgrazed by deer. It includes replanting Scots pine and other indigenous trees (800,000 so far), restoring wetlands, halving deer numbers and hosting numerous TV documentaries with for example the BBC. Totally inspirational".

TENT was founded in 2001 to help preserve and restore the last remaining areas of wilderness and degraded habitats in Europe with focus on the forests of Romania and the Scottish Highlands. Paul believes that investing in a "cleaner greener" world will benefit our health and welfare, alleviate poverty, provide jobs and boost rural economies. This vision of the world is something TENT works toward and, combined with a love of nature, is what drives Paul and the dedicated team he works with at TENT.

Paul has been a long time friend and supporter of Wildlife Media, sharing common beliefs with regard to the importance of preserving wild spaces in the world for the greater good. We are thrilled to have Paul serving as a Strategy Advisor for Wildlife Media and appreciate the insight and inspiration he provides.





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