Nick Hartrich

Wildlife Media Marketing and Events Advisor

Born and raised in Alaska, Nick's curiosity with the outdoors encountered wildlife a little too frequently. It was his love affair with the Pacific Northwest that awakened the one-two punch for engaging conservation through a variety of innovative media solutions.

Nick has spent over 10 years creatively working to redefine corporate culture, integrating triple bottom line solutions to balance the sweet spot between business, people and the environment. He is uniquely talented at facilitating educational events, workshops and design charrettes that engage government, industry and conservation advocates. Nick is an experienced advocate for urban revitalization; working to better the places we live, work, commute and socially engage. The better we can do this, the better chance at preserving the wild areas we collectively love.

When not spinning creative gears for Wildlife Media, you'll find Nick stuffing a backpack for his next outdoor adventure.








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