Bear McCreary

Bear - what can we say? Thank you. Bear McCreary is an acclaimed music composer. Among his work is the soundtrack for the hit TV series The Walking Dea and Battlestar Galactica. You may recognize some of it in our BEARTREK clips. Bear has been an incredible supporter of BEARTREK, and we are dying to work with him more. The incredible sounds he creates range from hard hitting to surreal and transformative. Thank you Bear!


British rock band James has given us the "green light" to use not just one, but two of their incredible songs for our film, BEARTREK. Wildlife Media is very grateful for this and for the band's heartfelt support. James' music is the perfect complement to the film's adventurous side. And we take it as a huge compliment that the band would partner with us in this way. Hear part of "Born of Frustration" at the end of the BEARTREK demo reel and enjoy the track "Sound" in the shorter BEARTREK montage (on our clips page). Explore more at James' website. Thanks guys!