John Fairbanks

Business Advisor

Aside from one year in Alaska and 3 years in Seattle, John has been a life-long Bellingham resident. Fortunate enough to grow up in an area known for its outdoor recreation John developed a deep fascination and love of the outdoors while hiking, climbing and skiing in the Cascades.

At the age of 16 John began commercial fishing on a salmon purse seiner in the San Juan Islands. Throughout high school and college John ventured north to Southeast Alaska; eventually out to Dutch Harbor then up to Bristol Bay. Upon graduating from Western Washington University John took a job as an NC Programmer at a large manufacturing company in Seattle. Realizing both the corporate world and rush hour wasn't for him; John completed a record setting short career and returned to the fishing business. This part time career move lasted slightly more than 15 years. Though currently employed as director of operations at a Seattle based software company John continues to fish salmon in Bristol Bay from late June to late July.

John's interests include skiing, hiking, trail running and mountain biking. He is active in Alaska commercial fishing issues and helps promote conservation in the Bristol Bay region. He and his wife Patti have 2 daughters Jade and Alina.





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