Michael Felber

Accomplished, award-winning artist and Flintstones animator Michael Felber began supporting BEARTREK years ago by donating notecards featuring his beautiful 'Young Grizzly' drawing. Now he has taken his generosity even further by offering prints of his incredible "Grandfather" drawing of an adult male brown bear - available on our website. 100% of the print proceeds go to BEARTREK’s conservation work. Through his generous donations Michael hopes to raise funds for and awareness about bears - his way of "giving back to the bears" as he says. We can't begin to describe how grateful we are Michael. We are so honored to have your amazing work to showcase and to help tell the story of BEARTREK. Find out more about Michael and his work.

Photo © Buck Wilde 2012

Eric Everard

Eric Everard (on the left with Chris Morgan) is a passionate conservationist and businessman. We are so thankful to Eric - his generous support for Wildlife Media began at a time when we urgently needed funding to film the Andean bears in Peru in 2010. The bears couldn't wait, and Eric stepped in to make it all possible. Eric supports leading-edge conservation in various countries and is often heard talking about the need to "re-invest in the health of our planet."

John Taylor

Without John Taylor, Wildlife Media wouldn't exist. His very generous donations largely got BEARTREK started. And as board Chair and CEO, he has played active and central roles in the organization ever since. Many conservation groups, scientists in the field, and communities living with wildlife have benefitted from John's commitment to conservation. But it's his passionate dedication to Wildlife Media that we're most grateful for.

Anne Mize

Those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Annie Mize will find it no surprise to see her listed on our 'thank you' page. Her kind, passionate and generous spirit is so tangible, and evident in everything Wildlife Media does. As part of our leadership team, Annie has provided Wildlife Media with generous funding and wise guidance from the onset of our organization. Her passion for wilderness shines at every moment. Thank you Anne, Wildlife Media would not be where it is without you.

Bob Yellowees

It is the generosity of donors like Bob Yellowlees that has allowed Wildlife Media to grow and have a big impact on conservation in our few short years as an organization. We thank you, Bob, for your ongoing support. We also wish you the best with Lumiere - your Atlanta, GA photography gallery that rightly boasts incredible images.

Paul Lister

Wildlife Media graciously thanks Paul Lister for his considerable help in connecting our work with his friends and colleagues. Paul is the visionary behind Alladale Wilderness Lodge & Reserve, which offers peaceful seclusion, panoramic views, and laid-back luxury at the most beautiful setting in the Scottish Highlands. At Alladale, you can meet some of the lost species they have returned, and your stay will contribute directly to this pioneering conservation project.

Daniel Zatz

While making our preparations for the final shoot of BEARTREK in the Arctic, we were thrilled to receive some wonderful news. Renowned cineflex videographer, Daniel Zatz offered to donate his time and talent filming polar bears with us. Daniel is an incredible cineflex cameraman, as can be seen on zatzworks.com, and we can't thank him enough for taking the time out of his busy filming schedule to join us.

Pictured: Karel Bauer (left) and Daniel Zatz (right)


A special "Thank you!" to 9-yr. old Kendall for donating $200 to Wildlife Media for polar bear conservation. She raised most of this donation by asking friends and family to help polar bears for her birthday instead of giving her gifts.

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