Greg Kornelis

Research Associate

Greg, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, left high school in 2004 to pursue an English degree, but was inspired by a college professor and the film An Inconvenient Truth to dedicate himself to science and the natural world. His college career at Western Washington University took him beyond the classroom to the desert of the Alvord Basin, Oregon to study lizards; the San Juan island of Sucia to teach an environmental education course; and the north Cascades of Washington State and British Columbia to study mountain goats. Since earning his B.S. in Environmental Science, Greg spent a year volunteering for the Nevada Conservation Corps, strengthening his passion for conservation work in the deserts of southern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe region.

Greg's insatiable curiosity in the subjects of science, nature, politics, philosophy, culture, literature, film and music is reflected in his tattoo which reads: 'Deep Search'. He can often be found nose-deep in a cup of coffee, newspaper, novel, or (mac)book. He is an avid bread maker, advanced beer brewer, accomplished musician, admired pizza-tosser, and ambitious cyclist - having participated in the Red Bell 100 century ride, Woods Summer Classic, and having gone car-less for over 16 months.

Greg has been a member of the Wildlife Media team since 2012. As a Research Associate for Wildlife Media, he supplies the team with up-to-date and relevant news in the world of conservation science. He also provides informational support, blog material, and miscellaneous intern-services. He was inspired by Chris Morgan and the Wildlife Media team to do greater things for his world, and he believes deeply that others will also be inspired through their message and media.


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