Eric Everard

Financial Advisor

Born, raised and educated in The Netherlands with a degree in economics at the University of Utrecht, Eric Everard spent most of his career in banking, working for a range of American investment banks across the globe. His interest in climate change and nature preservation started in the 1980's which motivated him to finance nature projects in countries such as Peru, Chile and the Carpathian forests in Romania. His contributions allowed Wildlife Media to send satellite radio collars to Peru for tracking the movement patterns of two Andean bears, which helped create the boundaries for a Peruvian National Park.

Eric believes that educating the younger generation about the importance of protecting the natural environment is paramount and thinks that by doing so we can prevent them from making the same mistakes we have made in the past.

Having worked for years in the financial industry he has learned that one must always pay compensation for the use of capital and labor. This form of remuneration has seldom if ever been applied to the most important supplier of all essential building blocks of our society, the natural environment.

"It therefore would only be fair to compensate this finite source. After all, this is how we have designed our modern-day society, so why should it be any different vis-a-vis the environment. It is high time for us to stop exploitation without providing ample compensation for what we delve, drill, burn, dig, grow, extract, raise and develop from earth."



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