The European Nature Trust

The support that The European Nature Trust has provided for the production of the BEARTREK documentary and international conservation campaign has made SO much possible for Wildlife Media. In fact, we wouldn't be where we are without them. Thank you! We are very proud of this relationship and everything that TENT is doing for Europe's last wild places....and their bears, wolves, lynx....and people!


From Tom Myers and Paul Guillien at Touratech-USA to Herbert Schwarz, Jochen Schanz, and the Touratech-Germany/HQ Team, Touratech has been an outstanding supporter. We are very grateful for our partnership with this maker of high-quality, field-tested motorbike accessories, including a BEARTREK story in the company's 2010, 2011 and 2012 catalogs (250,000 printed in 5 languages), promotion on their website, special motorcycle decals for sale (to raise more funds for BEARTREK), and more.


Thank you to Metzeler for providing tires for Chris's motorcycle. Chris uses their Karoo tires during BEARTREK filming in arduous on and off road conditions. Chris has taken his bike through deep tropical rivers in Borneo, across icy tundra trails in the Arctic, and along thousands of miles of concrete - those tires are the only thing between him and the ground!

Arai Helmets

We greatly appreciate the generosity of Arai Helmets and Rick Menapace. Not only did they provide free Arai XD3 motorcycle helmets to BEARTREK, but they profiled Chris Morgan and our campaign as their first "Featured Rider" on the Arai Helmets website. Rick has been incredibly helpful and supportive of our work from the moment we first contacted him. Thank you Rick and Arai Helmets.

Air Canada

Air Canada generously provided airfare and baggage transport for the Arctic film crew on their way to Churchill, Manitoba. We've greatly enjoyed getting to know the very personable staff at Air Canada and offer them our incredible gratitude for helping us tell the story of the polar bears. Here's the crew on location in Air Canada garb. And no, it was not an unseasonably warm day; actually it was -18 degrees C when this photo was snapped.

Ride West BMW

Chris purchased his BMW F650GS Dakar from Ride West BMW in Seattle in 2001. They've been a great partner for conservation ever since. Ride West has hosted presentations by Chris, provided discounted motorcycle services, and have connected us to many people in the biking community. Thanks Ride West!


Jetboil provided us with stoves. But we are actually reluctant to just call them stoves as they are so much more than that. They are Jetboils! Chris and Joe have relied upon cooking clean and cooking fast a lot in bear country. Being able to boil a cup of water in about 90 seconds is indispensable. Thanks Jetboil!


GoPro provided us with a GoPro Hero2 Outdoor Edition Wi-Fi combo kit for our arctic polar bear location. Watch for exciting footage from this film shoot using these incredibly versatile cameras in BEARTREK. Thank you to the supportive folks at GoPro for helping us take the adventure even further.

Wildland Adventures

Our friends Kurt and Anne Kutay are the owners of Wildland Adventures - an incredible boutique adventure travel and ecotourism company with a big and genuine heart. They have provided so much support for BEARTREK in the form of events, and even funding for the spectacled bear project we are supporting in Peru. Thank you Kurt, Anne, and the Wildland Adventures team!


Intellitonic has helped guide our digital marketing efforts with special attention to and help with Google AdWords Grants (a $10,000/month grant for ads on Google search results). With their help, we're able to drive significantly more traffic to our site, which means a greater increase in awareness of our mission. Additionally, because they created and maintain the campaigns, it means we have more time to focus on our mission.

Conservation Northwest

Katmai Coastal Bear Tours

KGM Motorcycle Transport (Steve Cotton)

Plummer Menapace Group

NBC Universal (N. de la Torriente, T. Sharp)

North Star Science and Technology

Sunrise Rotary Club, Bellingham

TruFlare, USA