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The sun bear is the most mysterious of the eight bear species. Only recently have these intriguing creatures been radio collared, revealing something of their secretive lives to biologists in the thick rainforests of Southeast Asia. On one occasion, a sun bear cub's radio collar was still emitting signals from inside a reticulated python! Sun bears are so intertwined with the fruiting seasons of the lush tropical forests that they avoid lean times by storing fat during good fruit years as an energy reserve.

Biologist Siew Te Wong has taken it upon himself to capture several bears so that they can tell him more about this relationship in an area where deforestation can have devastating effects. Using remote sensor cameras and satellite-linked radio collars, he is piecing together the clues that are slowly unraveling the mysteries of the sun bear.

Tracking this agile, elusive species through the jungle bears absolutely no resemblance to the vast openness of Alaska where Chris walked among dozens of bears every day. Here in Malaysia, a fleeting glimpse is all we can hope for. But magically, there is more to this place than heat, humidity, mud, and leeches. Chris begins to see the magical ecosystem unfold as he encounters wild orangutans, elephants, and many different primates. His perception of bear country is turned upside down.

As we explore the local villages, talking to people about their relationship with the land and the incredible creatures to be found here, the project takes a turn of events. A sun bear cub is confiscated from a local person pet trade. The project biologists quickly turn their hand to raising the cub in preparation for life in the jungle. Wildly entertaining relationships evolve between bear and handlers during training until the day when we witness the emotional release of the cub. A challenging life lies ahead, but freedom at last.