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(c) Joanna Patterson,Essence of Life Photography 
(c) Chris Morgan  
(c) Dean Cannon  

Filming of the last segment of BEARTREK focuses on the polar bears. Our travels take us to the inhospitable northern coast of Alaska and to the northern interior of Canada. There we join a polar bear biologist whose work is pinning down the effects of climate change on this most incredible arctic species by capturing bears and monitoring their lives closely via satellite.

Chris takes part in the polar bear capture process in an attempt to learn more from blood samples and bear movements as revealed by satellite-collars. Not only is the process of polar bear capture one of the most exhilarating things to take part in, but here, and in other areas where polar bears still exist, the data being accrued is at the same time fascinating and harrowing.

Polar bears will become the barometers for arctic health over the years to come. These bears, and others are revealing that our warming planet leads to lighter bears and fewer cubs, and they are providing a glimpse of this species that is all at once incredibly powerful, yet extremely vulnerable. The race against time has begun - illuminating conversations with bear scientists and local Inuit people reveal just how significant this species is - ecologically and spiritually.