Alaska   Borneo   Peru   Arctic

(c) Chris Morgan  
(c) Matthew Felton  
(c) Andy Hoffman  
(c) Bren Phillips  

There is an isolated corner of Alaska that feels like no other place on earth. A place that Chris visits every year and a place where few people venture. Here, humans are humbled. And that is exactly why Chris returns to immerse himself in an ancient world where bears roam the landscape unimpeded by humans. A place where a person focuses not on the toils of daily life, but on staying safe, aware, and respectful.

In an annual ritual that has been happening for thousands of years, hundreds of giant, thousand-pound brown bears descend from the hills to meet the millions of spawning salmon that fill the turquoise pools of the Alaska coast. Chris hikes and camps alone among the bears for several days reflecting on the global adventure that lies ahead; a journey that leads him to mystical locations, colorful cultures, and unusual bear species in far-away lands. Places far less familiar to him than Alaska. Here, it seems there is a bear around every corner. Sometimes they are just feet away, but Chris never feels threatened. Only awed by their presence and the mutual respect between man and bear. But what will Borneo, Peru and other destinations reveal? Over the course of just a few days, Chris sees over 100 brown bears in a landscape that has never changed.

It is a bear's paradise. A place where life continues undisturbed and natural, making it the perfect launch point from which to embark upon BEARTREK... four continents and a thousand stories await.